Whatsapp Auto Responder

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  • Features:


✅ Auto Reply Bot – Can set auto reply rules even use Non WhatsApp business account.

✅ User friendly interface

✅ Multi sending Mode.

✅ Imports files, WhatsApp contacts

✅ Schedule sending.

✅ Sending Unlimited Messages.

✅ Auto-Reply rules. Can set your own product or command.

✅ Import Database Files from Excel, CSV, txt etc. Easy to monitor your customer.

✅ Advanced reporting system for your Desktop.

✅ WhatsApp Groups Contacts Grabber (Get WhatsApp contacts from groups)

✅ Anti Block Module – Multi text message (reduce chance of blocking)

✅ Multi-languages support

✅Sleep Control after X amounts of messages Connection Speed control

✅Delay Between message Sending Customized Message

✅ Spin Tags and random tags – Different words same meaning select during sending.


1 Year FREE Service and Update.

Latest Version V9.2.3.7 (released on 3 July 2022)

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In the short term, WHATSAPP AUTO RESPONDER a tool that allows you to manage your WhatsApp Campaigns in a seamless way, with auto-reply Bot, and manage auto-replies.


How it works

WHATSAPP AUTO RESPONDER is a software designed for those who want to automate the sending of WhatsApp messages directly from their PC in a simple and effective way. It is a BIDIRECTIONAL software because it has 2 main functions:

  1. Send WhatsApp Messages
  2. Automatically reply to users

Whatsapp Auto Responder uses WAPI technology and is an ideal software for all those small / medium-sized companies, businesses or freelancers who use Whatsapp to communicate with their customers. You can send message via Whatsapp and also set up automatic replies. It is also possible to interact with users thanks to commands that once configured allow the customer to obtain various information, receive offers and promotions, and more.


Login Whatsapp account


WAR Features with Anti-Ban


Auto Reply Switch. Green ON, White OFF.


Auto Reply Message Set


Rules Command Setting to Auto Reply


How to Import Files or Database


Import From Files



Checking Sent Campaign (upgraded only)


Spintax generator. Random words setting but same meaning.


Sendng Setting Mode



Language Choose


Schedule Send Setting, 



Can Check Receive Message without touch your Smartphone


Received Message Record to your WhatsApp



Please Note that:

This application or software not related and do reflect WhatsApp brand in anyway , its just a standalone tool can facilitate and extend some options in WhatsApp , its not a spam tool and not allowed to use it for spamming or violating WhatsApp policies.

Whatsapp Auto Responder