An ultimate WhatsApp Messaging solution with advanced bot for auto replies and fast filter, Blast WA automatic with advanced variables to prevent sender numbers be ban, Import WhatsApp Numbers, run campaign anytime. Software WA Bot Server support Multi Device + unlimited WA Account/Profiles Creator on the same Computer. Now we provided for MacBook or Virtual Windows setup.

– Able to create More Profiles or Account WA. Run all accounts, even to same computer!
– Support Regular & Multi Device WA Mode. Support WhatsApp Messenger / WhatsApp Business.
– Run campaign 24 hours even WA phone Offline ( no more connection loss issue like other Brand WhatsApp software! )
– Blast WA to groups & Blast WA to Personal number even not save in contacts.
– Filter WA Numbers Exist or not. High speed filter. Software also able to create WA database.
– Grab Numbers from your current Chatting WA history.
– Auto Reply feature. Command Auto Reply setting by yourself.
– Antiban Features & Trick to Unban number. All Numbers banned can be open back with our new feature!!
– Secure & Proven More Stable compare old version.

  • Suitable to use for Marketing.
  • Suitable to use for Follow up customers or clients.
  • Advanced features to help WhatsApp Users experience with New WhatsApp Chat by Your Desktop faster and easy.
  • More variables support on Excel list column can be set before you import into software. Column 3 to 7 is for variables purpose. Very easy to follow up clients, students, agent, and others.
  • All features designed based on entrepreneurs and Big Organization’s needs. No need manual WhatsApp. Software help you reply to your clients. Set it run automatically included auto reply setting to make your WhatsApp response faster and looks like Human. Not a robot! Also Support Manual View reply!

Powerful Software!!

✅ Support Multi Account

✅ Multi Windows

✅ Send Unlimited Messages

✅ Dynamic Personal Messages 

✅ Multi Messages and Spintext

✅ Send Attach Files like Documents.

✅ Send Attach Phone include Caption

✅ Able to Import Export Contacts

✅ Whatsapp Numbers Generator

✅ Sender Filtering Whatsapp Numbers Tool

✅ Whatsapp Tool Random Delay Time

✅ Included Anti Blocking System

✅ Whatsapp Marketing Software Sleep Control

✅ Whatsapp Bot Connection Speed Control

✅ Auto Reply Message with Your Own Command

✅ User Edition with Auto Reply Rules And Auto Answering

✅ Schedule Send 

✅ Caption support for Video and Phone Send

✅ Send Bulk Messages In Group

✅ Support Safe Mode and Blind Mode Send

✅ WhatsApp Completed Delivery Report 

✅ Catalog Creator – Create Your catalog 

✅ WhatsApp Interactive Buttons

✅ And Many Other Features

White Label

– Selling with Your own Brand
– Reseller Module Included.

– Able to create your own Reseller and Your Users.
– 100% Price & Profit is yours.

Reseller VIP

– Selling Our Brand
– 100% price and profit is for you.

– Suitable to Big Organizations or Company who needs Unlimited Licenses / Unlimited PC.

USER Edition

– For Personal use. Support WA Normal or Business Account.
– Company or any Organization use.

Virtual Windows Setup

– Suitable for MacBook User, Laptop, Phone Android, IOS and Huawei, Tab, iPad etc.

– You can select Monthly Plan Payment or Yearly Plan. Save more Money for Yearly Payment.

✔️ Free Setup
✔️ Access Windows from Mac Book / Computer / Laptop / Phone
✔️ Free Software WA Bot
✔️ Save your Electricity
✔️ Run 24 hours without Downtime
✔️ Windows License Included
✔️ Fast Server High Speed Internet

✔️ Special Support by Admin 24 Hours
✔️ Run Software Unlimited Account without Shut Down 24/7/365

Please Select Plan, Add to Cart, Do Payment and Download Software. Install and Please WhatsApp Our Team if you are face with Problem.


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